Shoulder pain reminds me of Olympics

Shoulder pain reminds me of Olympics


After a six hour stop over at the Bangkok airport we finally arrived at Changwon in Korea for the 1st world cup of 2013. I am also delighted to know that as an Olympic medallist I can now travel by business class. The weather in Changwon is cool and we have finally adjusted in our respective rooms. My roommate being Harpreet Singh.

I was rushed to the hospital yesterday as my right shoulder started to pain really bad, the pain reminds me of Olympics, as even in London I was taken to a hospital by the former national coach Sunny Thomas, but not many know about this incident. The pain has come back again this time and I was taken to a hospital in Changwon where I spent nearly four hours, This time I was accompanierd by the national coach Mohinder Lal. The doctor has given me some medicines and has advised bed rest. He also asked me to keep the shoulder warm.

I took complete rest today and relaxed at a nearby Spa. I am feeling better now and am looking forward to my match on Sunday. Hope the pain helps me to perform just like it did in London.

The writer is an Olympic Silver Medallist in Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol.