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    What more for a Khel Ratna?


    Four Gold medals at Commonwealth Games 2006, Gold in World Cup 2006, Gold in World Cup Finals 2008 and Gold in World Cup 2009, to top it all he is the only Indian to currently hold a World Record in an Olympic sport, infact a Double World Record, meet Gagan Narang, who just fell short on luck to miss the finals of the Beijing Olympics on a discountinued count-back rule.

    In the last three years this shooter has proven his consistency at the highest level of the sport where he has let his rifle do all the talking each time he stood at a firing lane, shooting a perfect score of 600/600 in a World Cup Finals last year to make an unbreakable World Record, speaks volumes of this great shooter.

    He has been recommended for the Khel Ratna this year by NRAI, but it’s learnt that selection committee’s first choice is women boxer Marykom, the committee has also recommended the names of Beijing Olympic bronze medallists Vijender (boxing) and Sushil Kumar (wrestling) to the Sports Ministry for the Khel Ratna.

    The award if truly given after consideration of consistent performances over the last three years or the last one year, then Gagan should also be recommended by the committee, his achievements are not less than anyone in the race for this prestigious award.

    Gagan is also the only Indian so far to win two medals in a single World Cup. The win was very special as it showed his capability to win multiple medals at major competitions ahead.

    “I know my job is to keep performing, if my country feels so it will honour me with the award this year, all I can say that I have put in my 100% in these last few years to bring glory to my country”, said Gagan Narang.

    An Olympic medal is an Olympic medal no doubt, but it is true that that no one has been more deserving than Narang to get the accolades.

    This might have been debated in the committee or it might have not, who knows, but one thing we surely know is that this Top Gun will still continue to shine bright for India. indianshooting.com


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