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    Gagan Narang turns 37, tells shooters to remain positive

    Gagan Narang

    Sporting a month-long salt-and-pepper stubble, the 2012 London Olympic bronze medallist Gagan Narang celebrated his 37th birthday by gifting five air rifles and five air pistols to para shooters at his shooting academy, Gun For Glory, on Wednesday.

    Gagan, one of the best rifle shooters India has ever produced, in an interaction with the upcoming shooters, on the Zoom platform, told them on how to counter negativity in such unforeseen times when all sporting activities have come to a standstill.

    “There are times in life when we have to face negativity. At that time one should have faith that it won’t last for ever, nothing in life is permanent. At that time we need to work with our coaches, trainers and seek their guidance,” said Gagan.

    “When I started shooting there was absolutely no information, no internet. Today there is so much information on the net and elsewhere that one doesn’t know what is the right information which could lead one to success. So shooting sport over the last couple of years has changed. At the end of the day, we must remember that we need the right balance of positivity and determination to grow in life,” added Gagan.


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