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    Selection Trials: Bhavesh Shekhawat wins 25m Rapid Fire Pistol (T2)

    Bhavesh Shekhawat - Photo: indianshooting.com

    Bhavesh Shekhawat of Rajasthan won the Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol (T2) in the selection trials that concluded in New Delhi on Monday.

    The 24-year-old Bhavesh shot three successive perfect rounds of five hits, to beat Delhi’s Arpit Goel 32-27. Adarsh Singh occupied the third position with a score of 23.

    Earlier in the qualification, Bhavesh tied with the Commonwealth Games gold medallist Anish Bhanwala for the sixth and last spot for the final with 576 but progressed past Anish, on the basis of more number of inner-10s.

    Olympian Gurpreet Singh of Army, who had won the first trial (T1), once again topped the qualification with 580 but finished 5th this time.

    In the women’s event, Aakanksha Bansal of CISF topped with 548, four points better than Arunima Gaur of Uttar Pradesh. The winner of the first trial (T1), Niveditha Nair of Tamil Nadu, finished 12th with 503.

    The Results:

    Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol: 1. Bhavesh Shekhawat (Rajasthan) 32 (576); 2. Arpit Goel (Delhi) 27 (577); 3. Adarsh Singh 23 (Haryana) (579).

    Women’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol: 1. Aakanksha Bansal (CISF) 548; 2. Arunima Gaur (Uttar Pradesh) 544; 3. Tejaswani (Maharashtra) 542.

    [gview file=”https://www.indianshooting.com/wp-content/uploads/25m-rapid-fire-pistol-men-t2-final.pdf”]

    [gview file=”https://www.indianshooting.com/wp-content/uploads/25m-rapid-fire-pistol-men-t2.pdf”]

    [gview file=”https://www.indianshooting.com/wp-content/uploads/25m-rapid-fire-pistol-women-t2.pdf”]


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