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    Steyr shooters confident of stamping class at “TOPGUN”

    Steyr shooters Martin Strempfl & Bernhard Pickl of Austria.

    Watch out, the best in the business will be in action at “TOPGUN” armed with the one of the best air rifles on offer.

    Martin Strempfl and Bernhard Pickl evoke awe among rifle shooters anyway, but what makes them more potent is their Steyr Challenge E Air Rifle. This was proved during indianshooting.com’s earlier online offerings last year when Martin and Bernhard combined well for the Austrian Rocks and led them to the Online Shooting League title after beating the fancied Italian Rocks in the final.

    Martin, an Olympic quota winner for his country, and Bernhard were again in the thick of action and stamped their class with their Steyr rifles across different editions of the six International Online Shooting Championships (IOSC).

    Steyr Challenge E

    A proud Martin fondly recollects his association with the iconic brand, which started production in the middle of the 19th century. “I got a Steyr Challenge E Air Rifle four years ago on the recommendation of teammates Alexander S and Bernhard. The appointment at Steyr was quick and I took it away after a few adjustments. When I got home, I was thrilled as I never had a rifle that was so calm while firing and the trigger was perfect. The ammunition showed I could use almost any ammunition, but the biggest advantage is I haven’t had to readjust the trigger or anything else. Of course, you can do well with other rifles, but I am convinced that this is the right one for me and responsible for my many successes.”

    “Enjoying the world’s fame in the domain of weapons’ technology”, Steyr’s latest offering is unique and “a major challenger to the best air rifles in the world. The rifle can be made to fit the shooter perfectly. It represents the new generation of the STEYR LG 110. The electronic trigger was added to the LP10 with an impressive World Cup victory on its first appearance, all the knowledge gained from this is now featured in the Steyr Challenge E to make it the new shooting star”.

    At “TOPGUN”, Steyr will be pitted against other manufacturers like Walther, Feinwerkbau and Anschutz, but there is an air of confidence in the Austrian camp that they will once again come out with flying colours in the 10-day event, which gets underway from 29 April.


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