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    Varieties of trap shooting


    In sports, there are several types of shooting. However, one of the most popular is trap shooting. Shotgun competitions are held at open shooting ranges. This type of shooting has its characteristics and rules. We will tell you more about this sport in this article.

    Shotgun shooting is shooting from 12-gauge smoothbore guns using shotgun shells. In this case, the diameter of the cartridge is not more than 2.5 mm. Athletes shoot at flying clay birds. If even a few pellets fall into the plate, it breaks. Targets are thrown into the air automatically with the help of special throwing machines. Now specialists are developing various technologies for the production of targets using environmentally friendly materials. Such inventions should minimize the harm done to the environment.

    In recent decades, shooting sports have become increasingly popular. Today there are even betting shops that offer shooting bets. More information about betting can be found at NationalCasino.com/en_nz.

    This sport appeared in the Middle Ages – then live birds were used as targets, and only in the middle of the 20th-century did artificial targets begin to be used, which were thrown at a distance of up to 32 meters using a special device.

    Shooting sports are included in the program of the Olympic Games. Three disciplines of clay shooting are usually presented at the Olympiad: a round stand (“skit”), a trench stand (“trap”), and a “double-trap”.

    A trench stand

    A trench stand is a platform on which shooting numbers are located in a straight line. Shooting numbers are specially marked places where athletes must be. Shooting is carried out at targets, which are fired in turn from 15 throwing machines. These machines are installed in a trench at a distance of 15 meters from the shooting room. The target casting distance is approximately 76 meters. One shooting series consists of 25 targets.

    A round stand

    The round stand is a type of shooting that is carried out on a shooting range with 8 shooting numbers. In this case, the numbers are arranged in a semicircle.

    Targets are produced by two throwing machines, which are installed at a distance of 40 meters from each other. One machine throws a target from a height of 3 m 05 cm, and the other from a height of 1 m 07 cm.

    A trench stand

    A trench stand is a type of shooting in which the athletes stand in one line. In another way, this type of shooting is also called a “trap”.

    In this exercise, targets are fired from a hidden trench in various directions.
    There is also another variety of this species – this is a buddle ladder. This term refers to the simultaneous shooting at paired targets (doublet), flying out of the trench parallel to each other. Shooting “double-trap” is carried out on the shooting range from 5 shooting numbers.


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