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    Selection Trials: Hriday Hazarika shoots more than World Record


    Junior World Champion Hriday Hazarika and World No.1 Elavenil Valarivan won the men and women’s 10m air rifle (T1) respectively at the ongoing selection trials in New Delhi.

    Assam’s Hazarika delivered a start to finish performance in the final to register a score of 253.2 which is 0.4 point more than the World Record.

    Madhya Pradesh Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar finished 2nd with 251.5.

    Punjab Arjun Babuta, who shot the best qualification of 629.6, finished 3rd with 230.0.

    Two-time Olympian Sanjeev Rajput, who had won the 50m rifle three positions (T1) earlier, finished 4th.

    In the women’s event, Gujarat’s Elavenil shot 251.7 to claim the top spot with a margin of 2 points ahead of Olympian Ayonika Paul of Railways.

    Shriyanka Sadangi of Odisha, who shot the second best qualification score of 629.1, finished 3rd.

    Rajasthan Nisha Kanwar topped the qualification with 631.8 but was eliminated on the 6th place in the finals.

    The Results:

    Men’s 10m Air Rifle: 1. Hriday Hazarika (Assam) 253.2 (628.4); 2. Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar (Madhya Pradesh) 251.5 (629.4); 3. Arjun Babuta (Punjab) 230.0 (629.6).

    Women’s 10m Air Rifle: 1. Elavenil Valarivan (Gujarat) 251.7 (628.3); 2. Ayonika Paul (Railways) 249.7 (626.2); 3. Shriyanka Sadangi (Odisha) 228.9 (629.1).

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