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    Ahead of Paris Olympics, Manu Bhaker shares mantra for success

    By indianshooting.com
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    In a career that’s dotted with several highs on the global stage, Manu Bhaker would have stopped many times to ponder on her journey to get better all the time.

    While self-introspection is an integral part of an athlete’s process, rarely would Manu have shared her experience with a young and eager crowd, especially just before she embarks on another quest for Olympic glory in Paris.

    The 27th Delhi State Inter School Shooting Competition, which was held concurrently with the first editions of the Mohinder Lal Memorial and Sanjoy Chakravarty Memorial by the Delhi State Rifle Association (DSRA) at the Karni Singh Shooting Range earlier this week was an opportunity for junior shooters and their parents to gain critical insight into the making of a champion.

    Little known facts on Manu’s initiation into shooting came to light. Like, how her dislike for History in school became a trigger. Turned out of class for not paying attention, the athlete in Manu drew her towards the shooting range. The passion grew as her parents encouraged her to follow her heart.

    What started out as a desire to sound cool in her village, courtesy her interest in shooting, kept growing that had her tick one box after another.

    Getting into the national team and donning the India jersey was her next stop. Competing under the Tricolour in international events and turning up in her school in the jersey were all catalysts that propelled Manu to aim for excellence.

    Making the team led to the next stopover, which was to create a niche for herself. For a bubbly teenager, the desire to be known within and outside shooting circles was good for the ego, but little known to her, the urge to be famous pushed Manu to put in the extra hours at the shooting range and gym.

    Known to be a sport that tests the boundaries of mental strength, Manu stressed on that aspect but laid special emphasis on fitness. “Why shooting, longevity in any sport is closely linked to fitness,” she said in her address.

    The road to the heap of international medals tested her patience, but Manu stayed confident that consistency would get her the desire results.

    “If each day we promise ourselves to getter better a little more, no medal is out of grasp,” she said. The key to success is to stay patient and never give up, something which helped her during the phase when success dried up on the global stage.

    The trip to Paris is proof of that confidence, for Manu believes it is better to try and fail than to regret at leisure.

    “While the mindset should be to work hard and strive for success, if the hard work doesn’t pay off, the satisfaction of giving off your best will always stay,” she said.

    After all, staying true to one’s self is uppermost. “Following a passion (academics or sport) is an individual pursuit where an athlete has nothing to prove to the parents or coaches.

    “Staying honest to one’s self is the key to success,” was her mantra to the next generation of shooters.