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    40 countries have already secured Olympic Quotas

    By indianshooting.com

    A total of 62 Olympic quotas were awarded in 2018, 48 of which were won at the ISSF World Championship in Changwon, and 14 at the American Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico. A further 47 places were awarded in 2019 at the ISSF World Cups in New-Delhi (14), Acapulco (8), Al-Ain (8) and Beijing (17).

    The continental league table is headed by Europe which has 21 countries having won quotas. Asia has 8 countries, The Americas 7, Oceania 2 and Africa 1.

    China leads the list of the most successful nations with 15 individual quotas, followed by the USA with 13, Russia with 7 and India with 5. In addition, in the mixed events, Russia has won 6 quotas and China 4.

    The next ISSF World Cups to be held in Changwon (8 quotas in shotgun are available) and in Munich (17 quotas in rifle/pistol events). There are 358 athletes from 57 nations expected to take part in the World Cup in Changwon and more than 1300 starts of athletes from 95 countries have already been registered for the World Cup in Munich.