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    Anish Bhanwala becomes Junior World Champ


    Anish Bhanwala gave a very positive start to the Indian challenge by clinching gold with a new world record in the 25m Standard Pistol on the opening day of the ISSF Junior World Championship in Suhl, Germany.

    The 14-year-old Anish shot 579 to win the gold and in the process also bettered the junior world record of 574 set by Denis Koulakov of Russia in Lahti, Finland, in 2002.

    Anish’s score was seven points clear of second-placed Florian Peter of Germany who shot a score of 572. Ukraine’s Pablo Korostylov won the bronze with a score of 570.

    In the team event, the Indian trio of Anish, Anhad Jawanda (561) and Sambhaji Zanzan Patil (547) shot a total combined score of 1678 to win the silver.

    Earlier this month, Anish had also won an individual bronze in 25m Rapid Fire Pistol and a team gold in 25m Sports Pistol at the 27th Meeting of Shooting Hopes in Czech Republic.

    In the other events of the day, India’s Shirin Godara shot 615.9 to finish 21st in the Junior Women’s 50m Rifle Prone. Prasiddhi Mahant and Ayushi Podder in the same event ended 41st and 57th with scores of 609.8 and 605.4 respectively.

    In the Junior Men’s 50m Rifle Prone, Fateh Singh Dhillon finished 23rd on a score of 617.3, while Subhankar Pramanick shot 615.9 to end in 29th position.

    India’s third competitor in the event, Syed Araib Pervez was placed 66th with a score of 606.

    The Results:

    Junior Men’s 25m Standard Pistol: 1. Anish Bhanwala 579 (WRJ); 2. Florian Peter (Ger) 572; 3. Pavlo Korostylov (Ukr) 570; 10. Anhad Jawanda 561; 23. Sambhaji Patil 547.

    Team: 1. China 1694; 2. India 1687; 3. France 1678.

    Junior Men’s 50m Rifle Prone: 1. Cristian Friman (Fin) 246.4(10.4) 620.7; 2. Dragomir Iordache (Rou) 246.4(9.8) 619.6; 3. Liu Yukun (Chn) 225.5 (621.2); 23. Fateh Singh Dhillon 617.3; 29. Subhankar Pramanick 615.9; 66. Syed Araib Parvez 606.0.

    Team: 1. Austria 1865.6 (WRJ); 2. Norway 1858.0; 3. Russia 1855.8; 14. India 1839.2.

    Junior Women’s 50m Rifle Prone: 1. Katerina Kolarikova (Cze) 624.9 (WRJ); 2. Anastasiia Galashina (Rus) 621.6; 3. Jeanette Hegg Duestad (Nor) 620.6; 21. Shirin Godara 615.9; 41. Prasiddhi Mahant 609.8; 57. Ayushi Podder 605.4.

    Team: 1. Norway 1859.7 (WRJ), 2. US 1852.3; 3. China 1848.0; 16. India 1831.1.