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    Hriday Hazarika is Junior World Champion in 10m Air Rifle


    Hriday Hazarika won the gold medal, missing the world record by the thinnest possible margin of 0.1 point, in the junior men’s 10m air rifle at the 52nd ISSF World Championship in Changwon, Korea.

    The 17-year-old Hriday, who shot the sixth highest qualification score of 627.3, registered some incredible high tens before he was tied with Iran Mohammad Amir Nekounam at 250.1 after 24 shots, taking the final into a shoot-off. In the shoot-off, Hriday kept his cool and shot a 10.3 to beat Neokounam by 0.1 point. The bronze went to Russia’s Grigorii Shamakov with 228.6.

    The other two Indians in the event, Divyansh Panwar shot 624.9 to finish 11th while Arjun Babuta finished 24th with 620.1

    The Indian team, comprising Hriday, Divyansh and Arjun finished fourth with 1872.3. China won the gold with a junior world record of 1876.2. Iran won the silver with 1874.3 points while the Russia took the bronze with 1873.7.

    Hazarika had also won a gold at the ISSF Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany, in June this year.

    Elaveniel Valarivan, Shreya Agarwal win silver and bronze

    Elavenil Valarivan shot a score of 249.8 and Shreya Agrawal 228.4 to win silver and bronze medal respectively in the junior women’s 10m air rifle. China’s Mengyao Shi won the gold with 250.5.

    Elavenil Valarivan wins Silver in Junior Women’s 10m Air Rifle.

    Elavenil overtook Mengyao after the 12th shot but a brilliant 10.9 by the Chinese put her back at the top. The third Indian in the fray, Manini Kaushik shot a 621.2 in the qualification to finish 33rd.

    In the team event, Elavenil (631.0), Shreya (628.5) and Manini (621.2) won the gold with a junior world record of 1880.7. China won the silver with 1874.6 while Korea took the bronze with 1871.9.

    From left: Shreya Agarwal, Elavenil Valarivan & Manini Kaushik win Gold in Junior Women’s 10m Air Rifle Team.

    Indian shooters have so far won 18 medals, which includes 6 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze, at the competition.

    The Results:

    Junior Men’s 10m Air Rifle: 1. Hriday Hazarika (India) 250.1 (10.3) 627.3; 2. Amir Mohammad Nekounam (Iran) 250.1 (10.2) 627.5; 3. Grigoril Shamakov (Russia) 228.6 (626.3); 11. Divyansh Panwar (India) 624.9; 24. Arjun Babuta (India) 620.1.

    Junior Men’s 10m Air Rifle Team: 1. China (1876.2 WRJ); 2. Iran (1874.3); 3. Russia (1873.7); 4. India (1872.3).

    Junior Women’s 10m Air Rifle: 1. Shi Mengyao (China) 250.5 (627.4); 2. Elavenil Valarivan (India) 249.8 (631.0); 3. Shreya Agrawal (India) 228.4 (628.5); 33. Manini Kaushik (India) 621.2.

    Junior Women’s 10m Air Rifle Team: 1. India (1880.7 WRJ); 2. China (1874.6); 3. Korea (1871.9).