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    India traps double gold on last day of ISSF World Cup


    India pulled the curtains down on its best-ever ISSF World Cup campaign with two more gold medals in women’s and men’s trap team events at the ISSF World Cup in New Delhi.

    Dominating the event from start to end, hosts India topped the chart with an incredible tally of 30 medals, half of them being gold along with 9 silver and 6 bronze medals.

    On the last competition day, the trio of Shreyasi Singh, Manisha Keer and Rajeshwari Kumari had it relatively easy, as it outclassed Kazakhstan team of Sarsenkul Rysbekova, Aizhan Dosmagambetova and Mariya Dmitriyenko 6-0 in Women’s Trap Team. In the qualification, the Indian team scored 321 while Kazakhstan shot 308.

    India’s Lakshay Sheoran, Prithviraj Tondaiman & Kynan Chennai after winning Gold.

    In the men’s event, the Indian team of Kynan Chenai, Prithviraj Tondaiman and Lakshay Sheoran shot remarkably well to beat Slovakian team of Michal Slamka, Adrian Drobny and Filip Marinov 6-4, which had finished 4 points ahead of the Indians with a qualification score of 498.

    Kynan, who finished fourth in the individual event to miss out on a podium finish on Friday, had something to cheer about as he ended the campaign on a positive note.

    On Saturday, the pair of Shreyasi and Kynan missed out on a podium finish as they settled for the fourth place in the Mixed Trap.

    The Results:

    Women’s Trap: 1. India (Shreyasi Singh, Manisha Keer, Rajeshwari Kumari) 6 (321); 2. Kazakhstan (Mariya Dmitriyenko, Aizhan Dosmagambetova, Sarsenkul Rysbekova) 0 (308).

    Men’s Trap: 1. India (Kynan Chenai, Prithviraj Tondaiman, Lakshay Sheoran) 6 (494); 2. Slovakia (Michal Slamka, Adrian Drobny, Filip Marinov) 4 (498); 3. Kazakhstan (Viktor Khassyanov, Maxim Kolomoyets, Andrey Mogilevskiy) 6 (489).